The Mouse Exchange was developed by members of the Animal Research Nexus project team at the University of Southampton (Dr Emma Roe, Dr Sara Peres and Dr Paul Hurley) and the University of Manchester (Dr Bentley Crudgington).

The activity was built around the research work that Emma and Sara are carrying out into the breeding, supply and biobanking of laboratory mice in the UK. It was co-produced by them with Bentley and Paul, who provided expertise in creative facilitation and performance art.  

The Animal Research Nexus is an inter-disciplinary research project funded by a Collaborative Award from the Wellcome Trust until 2022. We are applying the tools of social sciences and humanities research – from interviews to archival research, participant observation, surveys and public engagement – to generate new insights into the social relations underpinning animal research and its regulation in the UK. 

For more information about the work of the Animal Research Nexus, both academic and in terms of public engagement, please visit the dedicated project website or follow us on Twitter.  

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