Infinity Box

At the end of the activity, participants are invited to put their mouse inside the Infinity box and see their mouse multiplied into many animals. As they watch their single unique mouse become many indistinguishable mice we start to ask about caring for an individual verses caring at scale and what kinds of responsibilities and care does a maker have for the future of their colony?

Ear Punch

In our activity, people use the ear punch to make a hole in the mouse’s ear to connect it to the passport. In carrying out the same movement as an animal technician might do, they can learn about the use of ear notching as a means of identification and source of tissue for genotyping, and it may (or not) raise an affective response as they metaphorically cut some of the body of the animal they’ve just created.

Our Approach

We invite small groups of members of the public to “make a mouse” with researchers, using felt, wool and other craft materials. Throughout the 20 or so minutes we spend together participants can explore the origins of laboratory mice through conversation and interaction with objects.